Who We Are?

RUCKRACK is a form of a brand that was formed in mid-2020 when the pandemic hit. Starting from an idea from Deny and Randy as founders, who happened to be very interested in fixie culture in the 2010 era and tried to create something that could reminisce about that era. An idea emerged to create a bicycle part that partnered with a trackbike, namely the front rack or pizza rack.

Front Rack

We are based in Pekalongan, Central Java – Indonesia.

Our product is designed in house; and produced, manufactured & detailed with quality handmade in Pekalongan, Indonesia.

To differentiate from other similar products, we chose stainless steel 304. The advantages of the material we chose: Easily formed and weldable. Compared to other materials, SS 304 has good formability or formability. This is certainly very easy to use as a bicycle part. Stainless Steel, also known as stainless steel, this material contains chromium which makes the surface resistant to oxidation. As a result, bicycle parts made with SS 304 will not rust easily. Having high resistance, the combination of chemical elements that make up SS 304 makes this alloy able to withstand extreme temperatures including cryogenic (very low temperatures). Apart from the four advantages above, SS 304 is also easy to clean, easy to fabricate and has a nice appearance.